Non cloth diaphragm rubbers are used as gaskets in oils, fuel oil and places requiring resistance up to 150 ° C, as a diaphragm in machinery, regulators and carburetors.

Non cloth Diaphragm rubbers are nitrile based products. There are types of non cloth diaphragm rubbers, such as with or without a cloth.

Thickness can vary between 0,30 mm - 4 mm in size 400x400 mm. The tensile strength of the diaphragm without cloth is 140 kg / cm2 and it is suitable for dynamic operation.

This form of non cloth diaphragm, generally called dish-shaped, has a sidewall that slowly slopes from the cylinder to the piston. This diaphragm is built to stretch to its maximum height in both directions. To apply strain in all directions can be double-coated.

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