EPDM rubber cord are used in many areas. EPDM rubber cord is manufactured from a synthetic material that is highly resistant to chemicals such as alkalines, diluted acids and ketones.

Features; They are products resistant to air, sea water, salt water, rain.

EPDM rubber cords are generally produced in the range of 40-95 Shores. It can be used between -50 ° C and 130 ° C without losing its function.

Other Key Features

  • We can be make Shore Hardness: 70 ± 5°.
  • Commonly used in external sealing applications.
  • High durability and good resistance to abrasion.

Usage Areas: Steam, boiling water, alcohol, chlorine, solution, etc. It is resistant to chemicals.

We produce any kind of seal for EPDM Rubber Cord in our company we have all inclusive service for producer.

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