Silicone extruded profile is one of the silicon materials with the highest resistance to oxygen, ozone, oil, carbon, high temperature, stretching, stretching and sagging.

It is especially resistant to high temperature. It can be used easily between -60 °C and 270 °C. The surfaces of silicone wicks are bright and closed, so they are durable and long-lasting. It is a healthy product with no odor as well as being soft. Since silicone is a harmless substance in terms of health, it is used safely in many areas. It is used in many areas in the food industry, including the pharmaceutical industry.

Where it is used: It is used in industry, steam machines, oven doors, almost everywhere that comes into contact with food, pumps, printing devices, packaging machines, machines used in printing houses, machine molds and many other areas.

Kalıcı CONTA LTD.ŞTİ. we manufacture silicone profile and silicone extruded profile in the sizes and colors you want in our own manufacturing area.


ALL Sizes Between Q 1 - 40 mm

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