Silicone sponge profile is a product developed with its raw material to be durable against high temperatures. Therefore, it is a product resistant to high temperatures.

Features: Silicone sponge profile can be used easily between -60 ° C and 270 ° C. Since its raw material is silicone, it is suitable for use in places that come into contact with food. (If requested, the food compliance certificate of the silicone products we produce is given by us.)

Silicone sponge profile have high resistance to stretching, stretching and oil. The upper parts of the silicone sponge profile are shiny and closed and are also a soft material.

Usage Areas: It is frequently used in industry, industry, automotive sector, oven doors, places in contact with food, printing industry, industrial machines.

Silicon sponge profile is a frequently preferred product in the following areas

  • High temperature sealing
  • Door / oven seals
  • Packaging and food processing machinery seals

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