Silicone Sponge Profile and Silicone sponge lama are materials made to withstand high temperatures. It can be used up to 270 ° C without losing its properties. 

The upper surfaces of the silicone sponge blades are hard, shiny and closed. Internal surfaces are porous like a sponge. So it is a soft material. It is suitable for use where foodstuffs are used. 

Properties: It has good resistance against stretching, stretching, sagging and pressure resistance. It has already been developed for its properties.

Usage Areas: It is mostly used in industry. Used in ironing machines, steam, bagging, oven doors, refrigerator doors and printing machines. In fact, it can be used in most Industrial machines. 

General silicone sheet sizes are as in the table below. However, if desired, it can be produced in different sizes, colors and hardnesses.

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A x BA x BA x B
2 x1510 x1020 x20
2 x2010 x1520 x25
3 x1510 x2020 x30
3 x2010 x2520 x40
5 x1010 x3025 x30
5 x1510 x4030 x35
5 x2010 x50
5 x2515 x15
5 x3015 x20
5 x4015 x30
5 x5015 x40